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The Girl With Stars In Her Eyes

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Hello. I’m a visual artist, designer, and writer who lives and works in the Midwest, U.S. I’m an interdisciplinary artist working at the intersection of historical semiotics and contemporary cybernetic visual reception..

[…] In other words, I enjoy picking apart history and getting down and dirty with what we consider beautiful.  I like asking what beauty can be, and in turn I hope to consider how objects inform us of ourselves and our volatile, shared histories. At its core, my work wants to consider how presentation, ornament, aesthetic gesture, technology, categorization, and historicism inform our sense of self and community.
My approach to creative mediums, like my approach to the concepts that challenge my understanding, are varied and experimental to the point of pastiche. The collage that happens when materials are juxtaposed, or when theories are examined through new, overlapping lenses, constitutes my personal and professional passions. Craft and critique—as verbs and nouns—are themselves my tools as well as my subjects.
As an undergrad I divided my studies between literature and art history before delving into the realm of Visual Culture as a graduate at Illinois State. The critique of images and the philosophy of art have punctuated my years, with an interdisciplinary eye toward the ways we use signs and symbols (words and images) to communicate, as well as interpret, ideas.
As an artist and a designer I seek new approaches to old challenges; to transform our cultures’ baked-in comforts into laboratories for curiosity. I want to draw attention to the process of reception; a process that might otherwise be taken for granted. I strive to make the act of looking fun, but I also strive to make fun meaningful.

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