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Exploded view
Video taken from their self-titled debut album ‘Exploded View’, out now. New band from Berlin & Mexico City fronted by Anika. Bandcamp:
Annika Henderson (Anika): Vocals, Synth
Martin Thulin: Drums, Guitar
Hugo Quezada: Bass, Synth
Amon Melgarejo: Synth, Guitar
An album recorded live in Mexico City at the end of 2015; Post-punk drawl, Anika was taken under the wing of Martin Thulin (Crocodiles producer), synth-head Hugo Quezada (Robota) and riotboy sweetheart Hector Melgarejo (Jessy Bulbo / Nos llamamos) to form Exploded View.
Recorded live on reel to reel, the album was composed on the spot (lyrics included), in a synth filled back house of the San Rafael hood, Mexico City. Produced by Thulin and Quezada and mastered by Josh Bonati in NYC. New 7″ out on Sacred Bones this spring.

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Eugenia Loli
“Eugenia Loli originated in the technology sector, but she left that impersonal world behind in order to build new, exciting worlds via her art. Her collages, with the help of the title, often include a teasing, visual narrative, as if they’re a still frame of a surreal movie. The viewers are invited to make up the movie’s plot in their mind.”…read more

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