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empty spaces

Enter, 2011

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“When I was a child, a repetitive nightmare haunted my dreams. I roam the streets looking for my house and keep mistaking. All the houses seem almost identical, and my search threatens to last forever. No one is around. Only the emptiness. I am alone. “Empty spaces” focuses on a human being in search for a “cozy place” to call it home. In this fickle world, one doesn’t want to be a guest but to have a dwelling in the universe. In this quest a new type of people arises, who simultaneously loves and hates cities.
The city is an artificial matter combined with our living souls to incarnate an independent and extremely attractive entity. The bigger the city, the greater is its attraction. It is the powerful energy, artificial intelligence, but it is void without people. We feel the same emptiness in ourselves, and it requires filling. We try to fill it, but end up filling the space outside instead. In big cities, no matter what “great” things we’ve done and how brightly we “shine”, we sharply feel our helplessness and cold loneliness. Behind perpetual motion, we find emptiness again. Our achievements turn illusive, material wealth – imaginary. A vague suspicion arises that we do not belong in this place.”

Early on Katerina Belkina knew about her exceptional talent to see the world through different eyes. Born in Samara in the southeast of European Russia, she was brought up in an creative atmosphere by her mother, a visual artist. Her education as painter at the Art Academy and from 2000 at the school for Photography of Michael Musorin in Samara gave her the tools to visualize her ideas. Exhibitions of her sublime, mystic self-portraits ensued in Moscow and Paris. In 2007 Katerina Belkina was nominated for the prestigious Kandinsky Prize (comparable to the British Turner Price) in Moscow. Recently she got the Hasselblad Masters Prize. Currently she lives and works in Berlin.

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