Marie-Paule Deville-Chabrolle sculpture

selected works

Marie-Paule Deville-Chabrolle The Passenger Times 00

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Painter, Sculptor
Born in 1952 in Meknes, Morocco
Lives and works in France
The approach of Marie-Paule Deville-Chabrolle is a very personal adventure. Every meeting, every country crossed, each interview image, each emotion felt involved in its creation.
Sculptures and blood form a whole, a comprehensive approach.
In 1992, it was the pale stone of a house of Burgundy which hold it. She then devoted himself fully to his work.
Three to four personal exhibitions dedicated to it every year in France (AGalerie of the Alp-Megeve, Galerie du Dauphin – Honfleur).
The inner journey is not over, nor that of his works …


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