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Music & Visions – projects selected by Massimo Di Roma + ThePT

2017, nov 28 .  This music piece is  the preview from tonight playlist by Massimo Di Roma, aka The Illusionist, on air every tuesday  from 9  to 10:30 pm on Radio Città.
2017, nov 28 .  Questo brano è un’anteprima dalla playlist del programma di Massimo Di Roma, aka L’Illusionista, in onda ogni martedì  dalle 9  alle 10:30 pm on Radio Città.

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Sad Lovers & Giants

The band’s members have included Garçe (Simon) Allard (vocals), Tristan Garel-Funk (guitar), Tony McGuinness (now part of the trance trio Above & Beyond) (guitar), Cliff Silver (bass), Ian Gibson (bass), David Wood (keyboards and saxophone), Juliet Sainsbury (keyboards), Nigel Pollard (drums & percussion) and Will Hicks (keyboards).

The original lineup produced two studio albums, Epic Garden Music (1982) and Feeding the Flame (1983), before splitting in 1983. During this initial period they recorded a John Peel Session for the BBC, and a live concert for the Dutch Radio Hilversum station in 1983, which was subsequently released as the album Total Sound in 1986. Live performances included headline dates at UK colleges and clubs with occasional trips to Europe, although they did support The Sound at a major London venue on the day Epic Garden Music entered the UK independent charts…read more

Photographer Matt Quérée and artist Andrew J. Steel

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After two years of shooting, painting, travelling around New Zealand and meeting some incredibly open-minded and brave women, it is with great pleasure that we present to you Body Landscape.

BodyLandscape is an exploration of land & body – the two rawest and most eloquent forms of nature. We body painted and photographed 27 remarkable New Zealand women in 27 remarkable New Zealand landscapes, seamlessly blending them into their environments.

Our work aspires to showcase both the natural beauty of our country and its women. We wanted to encourage the volunteers, who participated through the most intimate form of self-expression, the nude body, to tell the story of the landscape they individually live in.

New Zealand has pioneered women’s rights for over a century with strong courageous women at the helm. BodyLandscape both recognises this history and celebrates the everyday New Zealand woman hidden amongst us, empowering the 21st century female. 

BodyLandscape marks our first collaborative project of this kind. It combines our two skill sets of painting and photography to create something unique and extraordinary where body and land merge as one.

Matt Quérée is a photographer and creative with a background in design and creative advertising. He is a perfectionist with a strong sense of visual aesthetic and a true appreciation for the finer details in his surrounding environment. 

Andrew J. Steel is an artist and influencer who works with multiple mediums and is widely known for his street art. He has always seen the world as a playground and enjoys employing his art as a means to interact with his environment and its people.

© BodyLandscape 2017

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Matt Quérée
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