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When Night Falls, from New Bottles, Old Medicine album, Dandelion Records, 1970.
Medicine Head were a British blues rock band – initially a duo – active in the 1970s. Their biggest single success was in 1973, with “One and One Is One”, a Number 3 hit on the UK Singles Chart. The group recorded six original albums, the opening trio of which were on John Peel’s Dandelion label.
For most of its career, the group was a duo comprising:
John Fiddler (born 25 September 1947, the Moxley part of Darlaston, Staffordshire, England) – (vocalist, guitarist, pianist, drummer);
Peter Hope-Evans (born 28 September 1947, Brecon, Powys, Wales) – (harmonica, Jew’s harp, and mouthbow player).
At various stages the band utilised the following musicians – Clive Edwards; Keith Relf; Tony Ashton; Roger Saunders; George Ford; John Davies; Rob Townsend and Morgan Fisher.

Sergio Heads
Sergio Heads The Passenger Times 02

My name is Sergio, I live in Valencia, Spain and I’m 20


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