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Nina Hawkins The Passenger Times

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creepy version of our feature in Creem Magazine
photography – Nina Hawkins
styling – Kaidon YongMin Ho
make-up – Cyler Daigle
hair – Cynthia Valdez
lighting – Steven Casanova at Essentials Creative
wardrobe – Once Bitten
model – Emma Hancock
location – Walter Thomas Rumpf@

Hey, I’m Nina Hawkins – Austin-based Russian-Vietnamese image-maker. My first date with fashion was in Moscow over 10 years ago, where I started as a model in Russia’s most leading agency Yegor Zaitsev. Learning from top professionals across the globe, I’ve been in love with creating still and moving imagery ever since, being noticed by international publications like Elle Vietnam, HUF USA, Kaltblut Germany, Vanity Teen UK and others.
In my art & commercial work I always seek to reveal an edge and a quirk, trying to think outside of the box and be attentive to every detail. I like to cast sharp, unconventional and androgynous faces. For personal style think Rick Owens marrying Y-3 and adopting HBA, Creepy Clown Asia Dolls, Weirdo Nerd Chic and Ghetto Princess Bubblegum. My other areas of work and interest are filmmaking, fashion styling, experimental music, 3D, graphic and interior design.

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