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Rockers Hi Fi – Transmission Central
Rockers Hi-Fi were an electronic dub/dance outfit formed in Birmingham, England in 1991 as Original Rockers. In 1994 they changed their name to Rockers Hi-Fi. Their music was quite popular across Europe as an extension and continuation of the dub music genre.
Their first success came with a few tracks on the Beyond Records Ambient Dub series of compilations, and “Push Push” became a dancefloor hit at the beginning of the 90s.
They released four studio albums and also mixed and compiled an album for Studio !K7’s DJ-Kicks series.
Their urban sound was created by Richard “DJ Dick” Whittingham who began his DJ career in Duran Duran’s Rum Runner nightclub, he now hosts Leftfoot at the Medicine Bar, and Glyn “Bigga” Bush who continues to produce music as BiggaBush and Lightning Head on his own Lion Head label.
Their song “What a Life!” was part of the soundtrack for the 1995 film The Basketball Diaries, and “Going Under (Love & Insanity Dub) (K&D Sessions)” featured in the 2000s film Traffic, as well as in the mid-season finale to the first season of the television series The O.C.

In 1992, Richard Whittingham and Glyn Bush founded the label Different Drummer, releasing music from both Original Rockers/Rockers Hi-Fi and others.”.(Wikipedia)

clanmc 29 09 2017

Vivian Maier
A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.
Piecing together Vivian Maier’s life can easily evoke Churchill’s famous quote about the vast land of Tsars and commissars that lay to the east. A person who fit the stereotypical European sensibilities of an independent liberated woman, accent and all, yet born in New York City. Someone who was intensely guarded and private, Vivian could be counted on to feistily preach her own very liberal worldview to anyone who cared to listen, or didn’t. Decidedly unmaterialistic, Vivian would come to amass a group of storage lockers stuffed to the brim with found items, art books, newspaper clippings, home films, as well as political tchotchkes and knick-knacks. The story of this nanny who has now wowed the world with her photography, and who incidentally recorded some of the most interesting marvels and peculiarities of Urban America in the second half of the twentieth century is seemingly beyond belief…read more

For any inquiries please contact:
John Maloof
Owner & Curator

For information about print sales please contact:

Howard Greenberg Gallery
41 East 57th Street
New York, NY 10022
Phone: +1 212 334 0010


Howard Greenberg Gallery
41 East 57th Street
New York, NY 10022
Phone: +1 212 334 0010


To contact the directors of Finding Vivian Maier, John Maloof and Charlie Siskel please contact
For theater and distribution inquiries please visit the Finding Vivian Maier website.

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