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Dirty Three
formed 1992
Melbourne, Australia

Dirty Three are an Australian band, consisting of  Warren Ellis(violin)Mick Turner (guitar) and Jim White(drums), which formed in 1992.

Their album, Horse Stories (1996), was voted by United States magazine, Rolling Stone, as one of the top three albums of the year.

Two of their albums have peaked into the top 50 on the ARIA Albums Chart, Ocean Songs (1998) and Toward the Low Sun (2012).

During their career they have spent much of their time overseas, when not performing together Turner is based in Melbourne, White lives in New York, and Ellis in Paris.

stefano l 30 09 2017

David Hilliard
For years I have been actively documenting my life and the lives of those around me, recording events and attempting to create order in a sometimes chaotic world. While my photographs focus on the personal, the familiar and the simply ordinary, the work strikes a balance between autobiography and fiction. Within the photographs physical distance is often manipulated to represent emotional distance. The casual glances people share can take on a deeper significance, and what initially appears subjective and intimate is quite often a commentary on the larger contours of life.

For me, the construction of panoramic photographs, comprised of various single images, acts as a visual language. Focal planes shift, panel by panel. This sequencing of photographs and shifting of focal planes allows me the luxury of guiding the viewer across the photograph, directing their eye; an effect which could not be achieved through a single image.

I continually aspire to represent the spaces we inhabit, relationships we create, and the objects with which we surround ourselves. I hope the messages the photographs deliver speak to the personal as well as the universal experience. I find the enduring power and the sheer ability of a photograph to express a thought, a moment, or an idea, to be the most powerful expression of myself, both as an artist, and as an individual.

Carroll and Sons Gallery
450 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02118
Yancey Richardson Gallery
535 West 22nd Street
New York NY 10011
tel 646-230-9610
Jackson Fine Art
3115 East Shadowlawn Avenue
Atlanta GA 30305
tel 404.233.3739
The Schoolhouse Gallery
494 Commercial St.
Provincetown, MA 02657
La Galerie Particulière
16, Rue Perche
75003 PARIS
+33 (0)1 48 74 28 40

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