“Words making in silence” – Luisa Terminiello interview /english version – photography

italian version

Intervista a Luisa Terminiello

øTheP:    Where were you born? Where did you grow up?
LT:    It would be easier to write the coordinates for real.
I grew up in a ‘hermitage’ at 400 mt. high by the sea, a house surrounded in the landscape in front of the big sea, after the school and a gap year, at 20 I moved to Naples, where I lived for four years. basically I lived before in silence, then in chaos, so I understood what my order was.øTheP:    Who (or what) do you love?

øTheP:    Who (or what) do you love?

LT:    I’m in love since ever for this life, but I’m not a ‘’good lover’’ for sure.

øTheP:    When did you first discover your creative talents?
LT:    All that I started or finished was for a natural instinct, becoming fertile obsessions that lead me to a method for realizing thought.  I’ve never been interested  to defining if it is talent or not,  I’need to practice my imagination, that’s all.  It’s a serious game.

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øTheP:    Who and/or what are some of your influences?
LT:   The nature, the outdoor life and education. here is born the freedom that I use, that I have.
my dear friend often says that I’m a savage with the wardrobe for the modern world. maybe it’s true.
øTheP:    How would you describe your art to someone who could not see/read it?
LT:  The images are the words that I don’t have, so I get him-her into a photography.
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øTheP:    How do you prepare yourself for a day of working? Rituals?

LT:    Sleeping , stay in panties and think essential.

øTheP:    Which is your favorite piece you have created? and Why?
LT:  It’s a good question for my current time today, all I’ve done, even yesterday, seems increasingly distant and independent from me, so I prefer what I have not done yet.
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øTheP:    If you could spend the day with anyone, living or deceased, whom would you choose and what would hope to gain from the experience?
LT:    No one, but I would go to a Lucio Dalla’s concert. ( an italian singer dead years ago, his lifestyle was wearing a toupee when he became famous for not getting too recognizable, not for shyness, but to continue having fun without too much annoyance.
øTheP:    What is your secret  ambition?
LT:    It’s september now, I want to making the wine, so it’s no longer a secret now!
øTheP:    What is your favorite word?
LT:   the words making in silence.

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