Dara Scully photography and photographers

sleeping beasts
2013 – 2014
(project in process)


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Sleeping Beasts explores the children’s world, that special and disturbing world, in which innocence and desire, cruelty and tenderness, are so close.

Dara Scully. 1989. Spain.
photographer, writer, tree.

Available for commissions,
projects and beautiful things:


Forest creature, winter child. I like birches and aspen leaves. In my other life, I was a white deer, a fox or a swallow. I’ve never flown. I drink milk tea and my favorite word is chrysalis. My heart belongs to Chopin and my body to the horses, but I’ve never ridden any. I read Jaeggy, Nabokov, Duras and Müller. I read because it saves me. Once, I had a black cat. In a parallel life I’m a pianist or ballerina, or maybe a Lewis Carroll little girl. I love poppy fields and blackberries in summer. If I have to choose a sound, I’d say: the wind shaking the branches of the trees. Or rain. I always wear dresses and man shoes. I’ve written since I was thirteen. I’m afraid of moths. I have six moles in my pale chest.

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