Music* Vanishing Twin – The Conservation Of Energy / Digital art* C-91 (Silvia Cordedda) – Fractal Garden

Music & Visions – projects selected by Stefano Santoni + ThePT

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C-91 (Silvia Cordedda)
Apophysis fractalist
“I’m Silvia and I’m from Italy. I started making fractals in 2012 and quickly developed a passion for 3D flames.
I focused my learning on flowers, which have been requested multiple times for commissions of any kind.
I’m also an art appreciator, and I love to browse amazing artworks on DeviantArt everyday.  At the moment, I’m the resident Community Volunteer for the Fractal Art Gallery (10/24/2014 – ongoing).”.


Vanishing Twin
Vanishing Twin presents a new video for Telescope, a song about how we explain our existence to ourselves, whether it be through mythology, science, spirituality, or by looking to the heavens. It was written as a love song in honour of plurality and contrasting convictions, and is set to the swimming simplicity of period organs, guitar, and science fiction synths.


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