Music & Visions AL’s Birthday Special Edition ***Music* Eels-Spectacular Girl/ Photography* Prue Stent-One

Happy Birthday AL !

Music & Visions AL’s Birthday Special Edition
project selected by Alecs and Nico, aka clanMC

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Mark Oliver Everett and a cast of thousands: Orest Balaban, Wayne Bergeron, Big/Krazy Al, Bobby, Jr., Jon BrionPeter BuckT Bone BurnettButchThe Chet, Chris Bleth, Jennifer Condos, Amanda Course, Steve Crum, Matt DeMerritt, Wally GagelLisa Germano, David Girdland, Mark Goldenberg, Goldenboy, Scott Gordon, Joe Gore, Probyn Gregory, David Hlebo, Parthenon Huxley, Jim Jacobsen, James King, Koool G Murder, Knuckles, Julie, Jim Lang, Ana Lenchantin, Bill Liston, Heather Lockie, Andy Martin, Joe Meyer, Mickey P., Dick Mitchell, Jon Molzan, P-Boo, John ParishGrant-Lee Phillips, Puddin’, John SebastianAdam Siegel, Todd Simon, Michael SimpsonAysa and Chloe of Smoosh, Chris Solberg, Spider, Gerri Sutyak, Tiny Al, Paloma Udovic, Michael Valerio, Tommy Walter, Stuart Wylen.

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Prue Stent

Prue Stent is a photographer and artist based in Melbourne, Australia.

Creative duo Honey Long and Prue Stent are multidisciplinary artists whose work is a co-mingling between photography, performance, installation and sculpture. Their practice centres around their conflicted relationship to femininity and its passive associations. Often their process is spontaneous and playful with the result being unexpected and accidental. Along with many shared interests and fascinations they have a perverse curiosity to interact with alluring materials and objects, incorporating them into costumes or disguises which distort and fragment the bodily form. As a result cultural debris becomes reconfigured within fluid and dreamy contexts, triggering subconscious associations while also evading classification.

official website

 For personal and print enquiries contact:

For enquires re collaborations with Honey Long:
(available for commission)

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