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Eels the Band
Mark Oliver Everett and a cast of thousands: Orest Balaban, Wayne Bergeron, Big/Krazy Al, Bobby, Jr., Jon BrionPeter BuckT Bone BurnettButchThe Chet, Chris Bleth, Jennifer Condos, Amanda Course, Steve Crum, Matt DeMerritt, Wally GagelLisa Germano, David Girdland, Mark Goldenberg, Goldenboy, Scott Gordon, Joe Gore, Probyn Gregory, David Hlebo, Parthenon Huxley, Jim Jacobsen, James King, Koool G Murder, Knuckles, Julie, Jim Lang, Ana Lenchantin, Bill Liston, Heather Lockie, Andy Martin, Joe Meyer, Mickey P., Dick Mitchell, Jon Molzan, P-Boo, John ParishGrant-Lee Phillips, Puddin’, John SebastianAdam Siegel, Todd Simon, Michael SimpsonAysa and Chloe of Smoosh, Chris Solberg, Spider, Gerri Sutyak, Tiny Al, Paloma Udovic, Michael Valerio, Tommy Walter, Stuart Wylen.

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Joe Webb
Joe Webb (1976) creates collages with a message. Webb reimagines found imagery using simple edits to make politically charged artworks. He examines issues such as climate change, war and inequality – looking at the challenges of living in today’s modern world.
Webb’s work has become on online sensation with hundreds of thousands of people sharing his images on the internet. As well as going viral in the virtual world, Joe has exhibited and sold work internationally.  His original collages and prints can be found in the Saatchi Gallery and in the collections of Coldplay, Eric Cantona, The Madden Brothers and Janelle Monae. He supports, with artwork donations, charities such as Peace One Day and the The Big Issue.
Joe lives and works in the UK.


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