Isabel Chiara

“Humor is a defining aspect of my work, it helps me express my perception of the world, the problems that concern me as a woman and artist, and makes bearable those things against which i rebel against. One of the most recurrent themes of my work is to show women, and their unrecognised place in this world, on the political and social stage, and the scene of his own body. The human body is both a suggestive machine in its parts and movements identical in each of us, yet unsettling in its external adaptability, resiliance and individual and social transfiguration. These are the aspects that most interest me, as they give me ideas as to how to play with images of our bodies according to any criteria, established or not.
Displacement and confusion: that is the idea. I like to think of collage and gif as a means of allowing one to blur reality. The collage provided me a straight answer for what I was searching inside of me. Years ago I had worked with other means but I felt like I had absolutely no way to express myself. The collage is a direct reflection of my thinking, my inner monologue.”.

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