Music* O Yuki Conjugate – Raindance / Photography* Lieko Shiga – Lily

Music & Visions – seletected by Massimo Di Roma + ThePT

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O Yuki Conjugate

OYC formed by Tim Horberry, Roger Horberry and Andrew Hulme as an escape from the ham-fisted maxdiroma062016Gothic nonsense the two Horberry boys had been playing previously. Clare Elliott is soon drafted in because she could play the flute.
First gig 3rd October 1982 at The Newshouse, Nottingham. Instruments included dog bowl and half a beer barrel, as well as taped rhythms, syndrum, bass and trumpet. Seven people and a dog listened to what the optimistic OYCers hoped sounded like 23 Skidoo cross Cabaret Voltaire. It didn’t…more

Lieko Shiga

Born in Aichi, lives and works in Miyagi, Japan Japan…more


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