Maria Kreyn

The Sieve
The Sieve
Obscure Object
Obscure Object

“Maria Kreyn is a Russian born figurative artist, painter, wanderer, adventurer, thinker. She exhibits internationally, has been published in a variety of magazines and books, and her work is found in collection throughout the United States and Europe. Most recently, her paintings have been featured as a focal point and narrative vehicle in the ABC tv drama The Catch.

Maria’s work delves into the inner-most workings of the human condition—it’s passion and isolation. The images gesture at qualities that are eternal, aiming to momentarily pause what Sontag calls ‘that relentless melt of time.’ Maria’s paintings create an illusion of real life without looking photographic. They blend old master techniques into contemporary life and offer the viewer an experience of a deep, contemplative space.

Maria currently lives in New York City. Her studio is in Brooklyn.”…

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