Music* Hula – Hour By Hour / Photography* Francesco Amorosino – The Book of Command

Music & Visions selected by Massimo Di Roma + ThePT


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Hula formed in Sheffield in 1980, home of such electronic luminaries as The Human League, and
Cabaret Voltaire. Hula
members Ron Wright, Alan Fish, and Mark Albrow allegedly lived with Cabaret Voltaire in an apartment aptly named the ‘Hula Kula’. Hula’s second album ‘Murmur’ was released in 1984, only a year after its predecessor ‘Cut From The Inside’ and what a tour de force it is. Taking in elements of found sounds, cut up, primitive sampling and industrial paranoia they sculpted an unsettling but rhythmic ‘melange’ of sound. In part, industrial funk, elsewhere, an atmospheric stew of di roma 05 2016dissonance and rhythm. Ltd x 300 copies on transparent blue vinyl.

Francesco Amorosino

Born in 1984, I grew up in Rionero in Vulture, in the South of Italy. I live in Rome where I work as a photographer, journalist and photo guide and I teach in courses of photography for adults and children…more


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