Julie de Waroquier




“What fascinates me is the tension between interiority and external world, the fact that we live both in our mind (spiritually) and in our world (physically). These bubbles literaly represent this contradiction, as the characters are inside the bubbles (which represent their mind, their consciousness) and in the same time living in the real world. As if two different worlds were both connected and separated. This is this mystery that interests me in the first place.

I don’t have answers or solutions, I prefer to dig into the mystery that fascinates me. Solipsism is just a state of human nature, we all live in our own bubbles, in our own interiority. Now we just have to balance this life with our “external world” life, and that is why some characters of the series seem relaxed, whereas other seem afraid: we differently manage our ‘solipsisms’, depending on the situations, and depending on who we are.”     … full project


Julie de Waroquier is a self-taught French photographer, also philosophy teacher, who started photography in 2008. Since 2010, she has distinguished herself by winning several national and international awards, notably the International Emerging Artist Award. Her photographs are worldwide exhibited, and were notably showcased at the Rencontres d’Arles. 

Julie de Waroquier is represented by several art galleries, and she participates in many French and international art fairs and events. Her work has been worldwide published, and in the end of 2012, she has published her first book “Dreamalities”, which is edited by KnowWare editions. In 2014, this book is adapted as a short film, in collaboration with the film-maker and director Damien Steck.


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