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-Swiss, born 1947
To the acknowledged Swiss masters of Photography of the last forty years – Hans Finsler, Gotthard Schuh, Werner Bischof, Paul Senn, Jakob Tuggener, Robert Frank and others – we may add an other name: Peter Gasser.

A love for Swiss precision work is Gasser`s bond with his famous country-men. His predilection for landscape photography made him turn to the great American masters for inspiration – to Ansel Adams, Brett Weston and Paul Caponigro. Like them he is a superb craftsman. The sheer beauty of his prints impresses one first and foremost. An artist`s talent is evidenced by his creative power. Gasser`s studies of nature are an intimate reflection of the visible world. Yet by eliminating accidental and isolating important features he sublimates nature thereby achieving a harmonious unity. The Californian oakwood in evening mist and the wintery marsh landscape in the high mountains of Oregon are dream landscapes of extraordinary subtlety and brilliance in which Gasser pulls the full register of the tonal scale becoming a mystic interpreter of nature like Mendelsohn and Borodin. Understandably he feels a strong relationship between photography and music.

Peter Gasser who has been exhibiting his work regularly in European and United States galleries, is the recipient of a number of awards including the official recognition from the Swiss Confederation for his work. His Work is in many public collection such as Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Museum of Fin Arts, Montreal, Art institute of Chicago, International Museum of Photography, Rochester; Center for Creative Photography, Arizona and others.

He has also published numerous books about his artwork.

(This text is an extract from the Introduction written by Prof. Helmut Gernsheim founder of the famous Gernsheim Collection and Author of the Bestseller “History of Photography”).

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