Basile Pesso photography

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-I am a “French” photographer, writer and interviewer and I live in Spain…

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As an artistic agent in Paris, France, I have worked with several painters and exhibition places to organize the exhibitions and so on. I now live in Barcelona, Spain.

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After having exhibited in Paris in 2012 in Les Ateliers du Voyage (Kuoni’s group), in 2 013 in The Brick Lane Gallery (London), then in La Galería de la Hormigonera (Barcelona), La Galería L’Indiscret (Barcelona, Spain), I go on with my four (!!) websites, this one ; Cargo Collective by categories ; Blip ; Fotoblur, and the group I direct 
there, Eroticism and Abstraction.

You can also see me appear for example in the 2 013 on-line gallery of the selection of the year of the IEAA (International Emerging Artist Award, Dubai

Several other projects are to come in Barcelona.
My main directions are the abstraction and the poetry of the city.
Je suis également l’inventeur du pet boum-boum.
Actually, no forced direction but freedom and research of beauty.
Quite strange to hear in these strange times, but actually, quite simple 🙂

See you here and there, and rock on to everyone.-        step inside


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