Music* Dj Koze – Nices Wolken (Feat. Apparat – Live Studio Rmx) / Photography* Marie Hudelot – Heritage

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Dj Koze

One of the most adventurous and consistent techno producers of the 2000s and 2010s, Hamburg, Germany native Stefan Kozalla was known first for his exceptional DJ skills; in 1988, at the age of 16, he finished second in a DMC (Disco Mix Club) contest. In the ’90s, he was a member of abstract hip-hop group Fischmob and debuted later in the decade as Adolf Noise. Music Is Okay, issued in 2000 on Yo Mama, was his first mix album, released prior to the formation of International Pony — a whimsical dance act that was signed to Columbia in Europe. It was around this time that he became one of the Kompakt label’s leading artists, beginning with September 2003’s “Der Säger Von St. Georg” (a track on Speicher 11) and a three-track 12″ titled The Geklöppel Continues. The following month, he recorded his second commercially released mix, All People Is My Friends, which was released on Kompakt the following January. He continued to release thrilling, rule-breaking singles and remixes, as well as albums: Wo Die Rammelwolle Fliegt (Buback, 2005), Kosi Comes Around (Kompakt, 2005) and, on his own Pampa label, Amygdala (2013). The Get Physical label also compiled some of Koze’s remixes, issued as Reincarnations (The Remix Chapter 2001-2009).

Marie Hudelotnasty 2014 0724

Marie Hudelot was born in Toulon in 1981, France. After studying cinema she enrolls at the Université Paris 8 (photography and multimedia). She is interested in performance, portraits and the question of identity . Her work was recently presented at Paris and in collective exhibitions and European Festivals.

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