Alexi Hobbs photography

incipient transitions

alexi-hobbs-01 “Reason is a horizon, as Kant explained. We can’t ever get there. It’s something we chase but never attain. In attempting to take it all in, we experience the pleasure and agony of the sublime, the sense that things are bigger and more awe-inspiring than we can ever begin to imagine. The sublime is what happens when the dream of trying to comprehend reality, of getting tantalizingly closer to some ever-receding understanding, leaves us dazed on some dusty Florida side street of the mind.”
– Adam Leith Gollner
borrowed from The Book of Immortality



Alexi Hobbs Is a photographer living and working in Montreal.

Is available for editorial or commercial work and any other fun project where you think his keen sense for colour and light might be put to good use.
Has both a canadian and a british passport. 
Is an avid traveler.
Is also available for scotch, preferably of the smoky kind.
Is represented by Consulat



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