Alban Grosdidier

DrowningAlban Grosdidier ø The PasseNger Times 07Alban Grosdidier ø The PasseNger Times 10

Drowning is a metaphor and a critic of the feeling of submersion that one can have living in a big city. There are as many ways of facing it as there are people, and therefore there are as many portraits waiting to be done.

Beginning as a ESAG project in photography, under the supervision of photographer and art director Tom Kan, it was first presented on the banks of the river Seine in January 2012. The second part of the series was created in June and showcased on a rainy day along the canal Saint Martin in July 2012, becoming a personal project. The disintegration of the prints by rain is a “Russian dolls” effect answering the use of water inside the portraits, emphasizing the act of drowning and showing by exemple how big city life can tear someone down.

Alban Grosdidier is a young photographer and graphic designer from Paris, France. His reflection revolves around social questions, activism, politics and symbolism.
Currently in his final year for Masters Degree in famous Paris school ESAG Penninghen, his work has already been featured several times by major design blogs and websites from all around the world, such as My Modern Met, Fubiz, Yatzer, Zeit Online, iGNANT and others.

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