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Maurizio Di Iorio, Freelance Photographer / PDN’s 30 2015

“I have never been attracted to photography that seizes the moment. It’s the second look that reveals the unveiling detail. Never the first”.

I’ve written this sentence on my website’s homepage because I like to describe in a sharp (and sincere) way what my work is focused on, at least my current work. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the output of photographers that go around with the cameras to capture moments of daily life. Personally, however, I prefer meditation and control over the image, and the result must be based on my aesthetic tastes, composition principles and use of colour. The images that grab my attention contain some sort of little anomaly, a “capriccio”, possibly hermetic.

I’m an Egglestonian by culture, and I don’t like any photography that wants to send a message. What could the image of a giant toothbrush mean? It’s simply an objective photograph, devoided of existential anguish. It’s one of the images of mass culture.
When I shot it, I thought: “Who could like the picture of a simple toothbrush?” and instead it actually got a nice feedback. This is because people identify with the objects that surround their lives. And the photograph becomes pleasant only for it’s aesthetic expressivity. I don’t want to tell a tale o send a message and let it be clear: there’s nothing superficial about this.
My photographs are tales in a small scale and often focus on the relation between objects and human beings. I don’t extrapolate my subjects from their daily context because I prefer an aethetic truth and I reject any form of idealization. This approach leads me to focus on details, especially of common objects capable of expressing and narrating our time. I focus on details and I’m more attracted by what is contemporary, what influences our lives, starting with the endless consuming of products. I don’t want to run from this reality and so I narrow my focus.

I viscerally love colour and my aesthetic references are partly pop. Colours are fun and offer many more expressive possibities. In the latest months, my use of colours and their saturation have become more extreme, and a lot depends on the themes I’m tackling. But also on the fact that, after having seen all these algid and formally sober photographs that are making the rounds Iately, I’ve been wanting to do the exact opposite.

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