David Delruelle collage

plan your escape

David Delruelle The Passenger Times 00

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“En jonglant entre cadrages et associations, couleurs et abstractions, rythme et géométrie, David Delruelle semble s’amuser à brouiller les pistes. Les protagonistes des scènes dont nous sommes témoins sont comme isolés de leur environnement, confrontés à l’immensité. Dépassés par l’abstraction, ils redessinent ensemble un espace qui devient alors un champ des possibles aux horizons indéfinis.”
Plan Your Escape, Rossicontemporary, November 2016-January 2017

David Delruelle (1988) was born, lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Inspired by everyday news and stories or his own memories, he questions the nature of found images, attaching a new meaning in an endless chain of possibilities, highlighting the connection with the other, which actually becomes a reflection of the self. Through visual contrasts and juxtapositions, Delruelle composes highly emotional collages which explore the inner turmoil of humanity and create a mish-mash of realms that gets us rethinking the images we see daily.


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