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Com Truise

Com Truise is one of the many personas of producer and designer Seth Haley, born and raised in upstate New York and operating out of a 12’-overrun apartment in Princeton, New Jersey. An admitted synth obsessive, Com Truise is the maker of an experimental and bottom heavy style he calls “mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk”…more

Taken from ‘Iteration’ LP by Com Truise, out June 16, 2017.
Order Iteration at The Ghostly Store:
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Directed By: Will Joines & Karrie Crouse Written By: Karrie Crouse & Will Joines Starring: Trieste Kelly Dunn With: Stephen O’Reilly Cinematographer: Zoë White Producer: Jonathan Figueroa

US Booking:
Owen Mallon @ Paradigm Agency

European Booking:
Kalle Lundgren Smith @ Pitch and Smith

General Inquiries:
Matt Cuttler
Jeff Bratton

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Alma Haser
Born in 1989 into an artistic family in the Black Forest, Germany, Alma Haser is now based in London and on the southeast coast. She is known for her complex and meticulously constructed portraiture, which are influenced by her creativity and her background in fine art. Alma creates striking work that catches the eye and captivates the mind.

Expanding the dimensions of traditional portrait photography, Alma takes her photographs further by using inventive paper-folding techniques, collage and mixed media to create layers of intrigue around her subjects; manipulating her portraits into futuristic paper sculptures and blurring the distinctions between two-dimensional and three-dimensional imagery.

Alma has won many awards for her work, including Magenta Foundation’s Bright Spark Award in 2013 for her Cosmic Surgery series (also the basis of a successful self-published book project). Her piece The Ventriloquist was shortlisted for the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery in 2012. Alma also won the PDN Photo Annual Award in 2016 for her Eureka Effectseries. Her work has been exhibited worldwide and recent venues have included the 2017 Saatchi Gallery show From Selfie to Self-Expression. Examples of her work are currently on show at the Now Gallery in Greenwich, London.

Alma’s current projects include the Twin Puzzle series, delving into her fascination with identical twins, their genetics and how to distinguish them. She’s also been working on her Plant series; an exploration of what is real and what is manufactured, through using her unique paper collage and re-photographing techniques.

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