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Ernesto Artillo is an artist, photographer and art director based in Madrid, Spain. 

He has collaborated with fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Delpozo, Pepe Jeans, Mango, Adolfo Domínguez, Swarovski, Oysho, Harvey Nichols, Izzue, Printemps Paris, Yves Rocher, Six Lee…

His artworks has been published in several international magazines such as Elle UK and Mexico, Prestige, Another magazine, Harpers Bazaar China, Glamour Spain and Italy, Instyle Uk, Flaunt, Citizen K, Blink, Men’s Uno, Manifesto, View of the Times … They have featured his work in international art books, and he has also designed a capsule collection for Holzweiler or worked as art director for promotional videos or spots. 

Beyond the commercial side of his work, he develops his personal artistic creations where conversation between art, emotion and aesthetic is always present. He has exhibited his personal work in cities such as Saint Petersburg, Mumbai, Korea, Hong Kong, Beijing and several Spanish cities.

He was born in Málaga, where he originally learned from his father, a collage artist himself. He raised him between oil painting lessons and a visual repertory of paintings and an artistic environment. 

Later, during his studies in Advertising he began to take photos, focusing on fashion. Once graduated he participated on a national contest of advertising creativity which allowed him to work in one of the best advertising agencies in Madrid.

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Photo Credit: Papo Waisman

Few years later he started working for an independent international male fashion magazine, where he worked for three years doing every kind of jobs, from interviewing musicians or designers to shooting fashion editorials, making collages or writing articles. Now all these disciplines -photography, advertising, painting, fashion, culture and collage conform his creations. 

“I like to feel relaxed but excited when I see my work. In my personal life is very similar, I look for the balance but how to break it too.”

Citing a pantheon of inspirations that includes classic sculptures, Renaissance, Modern art, flamenco and Spanish culture, music, beauty or true love, Artillo’s images are at once a celebration of the details of a collection, while at the same time positioning modern day icons onto classical, religious or surrealist backgrounds.


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