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Panda Bear
Noah Benjamin Lennox (born July 17, 1978), also known by his moniker Panda Bear, is an American musician, singer-songwriter and co-founding member of the experimental pop band Animal Collective. In addition to his work with that group, Lennox has released five solo LPs since 1999. His third, Person Pitch (2007), is noted for influencing a wide range of subsequent indie music in addition to inspiring the chillwave genre and numerous soundalike acts.
Lennox was primarily raised in Baltimore, Maryland, where he sang tenor in his high school chamber choir, and studied pianoand cello. The name “Panda Bear” derived from his habit of drawing pandas on his early mixtapes as a teenager. He is currently based in LisbonPortugal.(Wikipedia)

Hila Kaminer
Hila Kaminer is a jewelry and fashion accessories designer and the founder of Kaminer Design.
She graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Ramat-Gan, Israel, She was awarded a merit-based scholarship three times. Her work is characterized by clean aesthetics and yet rough look. She applies a natural touch in her jewelry through a delicate inspection of materials and by combining classic crafting methods with advanced technologies, creating forms that are both organic and mechanical at the same time. The main feature of her work is in binding to the form and its elements and the selection of the appropriate materials to articulate the design. She combines materials such as gold, silver, brass, wood, alpaca fabric, textiles and gemstones and plays with textures and shades.

As a designer her passion is in creating unusual yet fashionable jewelry as well as crafting stage and runway items. Her wish is to create unique objects that stimulate emotions; the solidness of wood versus the fragility of paper; the sharpness of metals against the elasticity of plastic and the flexibility of fabric decorated with stiff, solid gemstones.

 It is all about the meeting between
form and material:
Rough and soft,
Polished and uneven,
Smooth and coarse,
Meticulous yet free.


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