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Nepenthe, from China Gate studio album, Thirsty Ear, 1996.
Cul de Sac are a rock group formed in 1990 in Boston, Massachusetts and led by guitarist Glenn Jones. Their music is primarily instrumental. Jones and keyboardist Robin Amos have been the only constant members.
They have been classified by some as post rock, but Jones has expressed some discomfort with the term. He states that Cul de Sac is the most “musically satisfying” group he’s been involved with; a group that is the “closest to being the band I’d dreamed of forming. It allows me to combine my love of open-tuned guitar, played fingerstyle, with my love for electronics and noise, all placed within a rhythmic rock framework.” Jones occasionally plays “The Contraption,” a prepared lap steel guitar.
Cul de Sac have collaborated with guitarist John Fahey and with Can singer Damo Suzuki.
Glenn Jones has also recorded five solo albums, This Is the Wind That Blows It Out (2004), Against Which the Sea Continually Beats (2007), Barbecue Bob in Fishtown (2009), The Wanting (2011), and My Garden State (2013).
Cul de Sac performed at North East Sticks Together in 2006.

Mathias van Hooff

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