Sydney Sie photography

The Nothingness of Amelie
Sydney Sie The Passenger Times

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The project The Nothingness of Amelie is full of comfortable colors, and it’s just like lying on an extremely soft bed, which like lying in the cloud. At some point, all of them will dissolve into nothingness.

Photographer: Sydney Sie
Model: Cianhua, Chai Jean
Assistant: Zen Yun Zon

Iridescent like the collective unconsciousness of an eternally sun-lit, tropical city of neon.

Sydney Sie is a photographer as well as a graphic designer and Animator. She uses gradients of color, surreal imagery, the female body, and other graphical elements of composition, color, and layout to construct ambiguous, two dimensional worlds in her photographs. Sydney Sie’s creative approach to photography is to create a strong impression of the external form with an implied narrative buried within. She deliberately uses the inertia of the viewer’s attention to move beyond the bright colors and into the narrative story.


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