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Theoretical Girls: You Got Me (Branca)/U.S. Millie (Lohn) 7″ single, (Theoretical Records, 1978)
Theoretical Girls were a New York-based no wave band formed by Glenn Branca and Jeff Lohn (a conceptual artist and composer) that existed from 1977 to 1981. Theoretical Girls played only about 20 shows (three of which took place in Paris). It released one single (“U.S. Millie”/”You Got Me”), which had some attention in England where it sold a few thousand copies. The band was never signed by a record company, but is well regarded as an early leading No Wave group that mixed classical modern ideas of composition with punk rock. This experimental music was mostly supported by the New York art world and minimal art music audience.

Tae Lee
My name is Tae Lee.
I began drawing and painting since I was a little kid, starting life in Seoul, S. Korea.
Now I’m an artist living in Los Angeles, California.
As an outside observer, I become fascinated by the conviction humanity have in their beliefs. Curiously, a person’s ethical morality is cooked with a recipe of goodness and righteousness, as their own lives are built on the backs of so many. In a quick overview of life as a Hollywood film, the villains would often be portrayed as some heartless wolf-like Wall Street tycoon. Yet, the heroic working class protesters of Occupy Wall Street are sharing information using electronics loaded with blood soaked conflict-minerals from some hellish mine in the Congo, assembled into completion by the machine-like hands of Asian sweatshop “workers”. (I am also typing this on a Macbook) In the words of Bill Callihan, “there’s blood on the seas if you map em.”
The hypocritical and cyclical tendencies of the material world can only be soothed by the light of empathy, an effort mystics and shamans from times past have all championed. The illuminated visages of the Holy Mary and the Great Buddha radiate a similar empathy, their peace not denying the great cost of sustaining life. This grace, used to navigate through this tumultuous and ultimately comedic lifetime, is the realm in which I seek to explore my art.


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