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The images are comments that show evidence of the existential crisis that Russia is going through today.

The collapse of communism as an experience of the collective ideal confronts the old generation with the post-Perestroika youth. The latter, seduced by the capitalist mirages. Promises of happiness contained in the vibration of the great Russian cities, in advertisement messages, in carnivals, in music and in the Western pop culture. Youngsters thirsting to run after lost time, throw themselves at consumerism, at hedonism and mainly at narcissistic individualism.

The starting point of Photography, through a documentary-style language, is the reality which it questions. The attitude before the camera provokes an intense, chaotic noise. Every time the camera is clicked the image ricochets against Russian reality and bounces back as a provocation. The images, even as fragments, suggest vibration and movement in some direction that the Russians themselves aren’t aware of.

Porto Alegre, Brasil, 1969. Lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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contact: Atelier: R. Hassib Mofarrej, 1101 – São Paulo / Brazil
55 11 99212.7015


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