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photography 2016



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Ren Hang (1987♥2017)

Poem 2017

I’ll buy a knife.
We can share it.
If you don’t love me
I’ll kill you.
If I don’t love you
You kill me.

Comprerò un coltello.
Possiamo condividerlo.
Se non mi ami
Ti ammazzo.
Se non ti amo
Mi uccidi.


Ren Hang
Born in Changchun, Jilin Province, China, in 1987; based in Beijing.

2017 January-March, Naked / Nude, Foam Photography Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2017 February-April, HUMAN LOVE, Fotografiska museum, Stockholm, Sweden

2015 September-October, TOKYO, matchbaco Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2016 June-July, WHAT WE DO IS SECRET, MAMA Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2016 March-April, ATHENS LOVE, Klein Sun Gallery, New York, USA
2016 March, 白日升天, Modernsky Lab, Beijing, China

2015 June-July, NEW LOVE 新欢, matchbaco Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2015 June-July, 形态 MORPHOLOGY, HDM Gallery, Hangzhou, China
2015 April-June, Occupy Atopos #Ren Hang, Atopos cvc, Athens, Greece
2015 March-May, In Presence of REN HANG, Stieglitz 19 Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
2015 March-June, 野生, OstLicht Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2015 March-April, Ren Hang 2014,Capricious 88 Gallery, New York, USA
2015 January-February, MY MUM, Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2014 December-January, HIDE, Soy Sauce Factory, Bangkok, Thailand
2014 September, ANATOMY OF THE IMAGE, 104 Kléber Gallery, Paris, France
2014 August – October, PHYSICAL BORDERLINE 身体的边界, Three shadows +3 gallery, Beijing, China
2014 June, IN ADDITION TO SLEEP, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 April – May, IN ADDITION TO SLEEP, Vasli Souza gallery, Malmo, Sweden
2014 January -March, LA CHINE A NUE NUE gallery, Paris Pantin, France

2013 May, Pulse, Galerie Jane Zhang, Frankfurt, Germany

2011 October, Stillbirth, YUGONG YISHAN live house, Beijing, China
2011 October, ALLERGY, Kubrick, Beijing, China

2010 October, INTERCOURSE WITH BEIJING, YUGONG YISHAN live house, Beijing, China
2010 July, Eat Naked Lunch!, YUYINTANG live house, Shanghai, China

2017 January-March, Beauty Without Beards, KWM artcenter, Beijing, China

2016 October, DaikanYama Photo Fair, Tokyo, Japan
2016 September, ZsONAMACO FOTO, Centro Banamex, Mexico City, Mexico
2016 September, Austria’s International Art Fair, Vienna, Austria
2016 August, Sensitive Surface Exhibition, Malmö, Sweden
2016 August, Photo Collect Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Danmark
2016 June, f/stop Photography Festival, Leipzig, Germany
2016 May, London Art Fair, London, UK
2016 May, Tokyo Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan
2016 March, ART PARIS ART FAIR, Paris, France
2016 January-2016 February, LOIVE, matchbaco Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2015 November-2016 January, From Old Ground, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, Bathurst, Australia.
2015 November-2016 January, Medium of Desire: An International Anthology of Photography and Video, Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, New York, United States
2015 November, CONTEMPORARY ISTANBUL, Istanbul, Turkey
2015 October, CHINESE PHOTOGRAPHY: TWENTIETH CENTURY AND BEFORE, Three shadows photography art centre, Beijing, China
2015 September, ART INTERNATIONAL ISTANBUL, Istanbul, Turkey
2015 September, Yesterday We Wanted To Be The Sky,Kamarade Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2015 July, New Chinese photography forces-Three Shadows Phatography Center at Tsumari, Echigo-Tsumari Art Festival, Tokyo Japan
2015 June – August, THREE SHADOWS SECOND EXPERIMENTAL IMAGE OPEN EXHIBITION, Three shadows photography art centre, Beijing, China
2015 June PHOTO BASEL, Basel, Switzerland
2015 May PARIS PHOTO, L.A, United States
2015 May PARIS PHOTO, Brussels, Belgium
2015 May Art Miami New York, Miami, United States
2015 May-August Portrait of the World, BARBADO Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2015 April-June TEMPORARY BOUNDARY, Paris Beijing Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2015 March ART PARIS ART FAIR, Paris, France
2015 January-February Yangon Photo Festival, Yangon, Myanmar
2015 January, Three shadows +3 gallery Annual Exhibition, Three shadows +3 gallery, Beijing, China
2015 January-February, FACELESS De Markten, Brussels, Belgium

2014 November, PARIS PHOTO, Grand Palais, Pairs, France
2014 November, Second Yuandian Contemporary Photography Festival, Ukiyo-phase, Yuandian Art Museum, Beijing, China
2014 November, STAGING ENCOUNTERS-Ten Years Of Contemporary Photography in China LIANZHOUPHOTO FESTIVAL, Lianzhou, China
2014 October – November, c/o Umbria World Fest Palazzo Trinci, Foligno, Italy
2014 September, Let it Louder, Sanlitun village orange Hall, Beijing, China
2014 September – October, CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY IN CHINA 2009-2014, Minsheng art museum, Shanghai, China
2014 August – September, NEW FRONTIERS in contemporary photography, Tryffel Grisen Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2014 June, PHOTOLGGENDO, Via Del Commercio 13, Rome, Italy
2014 June, ARTVILNIUS ’14 International Contemporary Art Fair Congress center in Vilnius, Lithuania
2014 March – April, THREE SHADOWS FRIST EXPERIMENTAL IMAGE OPEN EXHIBITION, Three shadows photography art centre, Beijing, China
2014 April-May, NEW PHOTOS SINCE 2009, Wuhan Art Museum, Wuhan, China
2014 April, Art brussels , stieglitz19, Belgium
2014 January, FACELESS Stichting Mediamatic, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2014 January, Chinese spring, stieglitz19, Belgium

2013 November, Lian Zhou Foto 2013 -Curatorial Theme: Farewell to Experience, Lian Zhou, China
2013 November-December, The 2nd Conceptual Film Photography Show F518 Idea Land, Shenzhen, China
2013 November-December, True Panic- Photography Exhibition, Bowl Island Gallery, Beijing, China
2013 November, Photo Off–4th Edition La Bellevilloise, Paris, France
2013 Octorber-December, 1st BEIJING PHOTO BIENNIAL: Aura and Post Aura, China Millennium Monument, Beijing, China
2013 Octorber, ENTER Network real-time exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, Shanghai, China
2013 September, Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2013 July-September, FACELESS part 1, Museums Quartier, Vienna, Austria
2013 July-September, ATYPICAL, Beijing Space, Beijing, China
2013 August, As the resident artist by invitation of Vienna Museums Quartier
2013 May, Fuck Off 2 Chinese Contemporary Art Document, Groninger Museum, Netherlands
2013 March, A Miscellany of Arts—The Visual Rhetoric of the Young Generation,Jinji lake art Museums, Suzhou, China
2013 March, REMOTE OLACES,CLOSE SPACES, Street Level Photoworks Gallery, Scotland, UK
2012 January, EQUAL RELATIONSHIPS, Bilndspot Gallery, HongKong, China
2013 January, FUCK TABOO, Camera16 Gallery, Milan, Italy

2012 September, Secret Love, Oriental Museum in Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
2012 September, Memory Lost and Found, Beijing Space Beijing, China
2012 July, Central Academy of Fine Arts First CAFAM future development, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China
2012 July, FéROCES REN HANG / JORDANE YARDEN GAUDENZI Double photographic exhibition, Avi Niang silk ,France
2012 May, Originate from energy resource, Multimedia Art Museum Moscow, Moscow, Russia
2012 March, Symptoms, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

2011 December, FéROCES international photography festival 2011, France
2011 November, RESTAURANT Light Room photography exhibition, J Gallery, Shanghai, China
2011 October, Sour sweet bitter spicy– four photographers’ exhibition, Angers, France
2011 August, Rencontres d’Arles festival -THE VIEWER exhibition, Arles, France
2011 July, Recurrent shadows–selected works from three shadows photography Awards 2008-2011, HE XIANG NING art museum, Shenzhen, China
2011 May, Young Movement, Iseael
2011 May, The fourth 54 international young art festival 2011, 798 art area, Beijing, China
2011 April, Three shadows photography award, Three shadows photography art centre, Beijing, China
2011 January, Curated by Rong Rong –Qiu&Ren Hang INNER EAR, UCCA, Beijing, China

2010 December, The third TERNA comtemporary art exhibition, Rome, Milan, Italy
2010 December, WARMTH 2010 -2011 new year art exhibition, Shanghai, China
2010 November, New photography magazine photography exhibition, Hong Kong, China
2010 August, 798 festival young THIS THIS IS ME with attitude photography exhibition, Beijing, China
2010 May, INTO THE MOOD, Hong Kong, China
2010 April, CHINA CAOCHANGDI photography TORATORATORA photography exhibition, Caochangdi Arts District, Beijing, China
2010 April, EXPERIMENT 2010 SCREENAGE art document exhibition, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China

2009 December, 80’s and Peaceful Evolution visual group exhibition, Hong Kong, China
2009 September, Femininity. Photography–international photography exhibition ‘paradise with love’feminity theme photography exhibition, Nanjing, China
2009 August, Private talk, Shanghai, China
2009 June, GENDER DIVISITY, Songzhuang Art Area, Beijing, China

2015 February 25th,Everybody Dance To Disco—the ultimate collections of 80’s 90’s Chinese and Cantonese discos no where to found, DADA Beijing, Beijing, China

2016, ATHENS LOVE 雅典的爱, Session press, USA
2016, 二月 FEBRUARY, Self-Published,China
2016, 一月 JANUARY, Self-Published, China
2015, 海鲜派对 Seafood Party, Self-Published, China
2015, 上海游客 Shanghai Visitors, Self-Published, China
2015, NEW LOVE 新欢, Session press, USA
2015, 野生, Die Nacht, Germany
2015, FOOD ISSUE, Same studio, China
2014, PHYSICAL BORDERLINE, ThreeShadows +3 Gallery, China
2013, THE BRIGHTEST LIGHT RUNS TOO FAST, Editions Bessard, France
2013, SON AND BITCH, Neurasthenia, Taiwan
2013, Republic, Éditions du LIC, Norway
2013, MY DEPRESSION, Self-Published, China
2012, NUDE, Self-Published, China
2011, ROOM, Self-Published, China
2011, REN HANG 2009-2011, Self-Published, China

2013, Poem Collection of Renhang, Neurasthenia, Taiwan

US Kansas State University Art Museum, Kansas State, US
CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China
Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, Russia
ThreeShadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing, China
White Rabbit Contemporary Chinese Art Collection, Sydney, Australia



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