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Music & Visions – projects selected by Massimo Di Roma + ThePT

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Jester At Work

Jester At Work is a solo project from Italy, focused mainly on songwriting and putting together an introspective mood with a variety of styles and influences: from blues to folk, through desert rock, country and much more, all merged in his own way  -funnily named “Adriaticana” after the Adriatic Sea-  mostly using a bunch of bizarre-tuned guitars and a particular kind of notebook, which is not a laptop computer at all but his vintage four-track cassette recorder.

His second and last full-length effort “Magellano” was critically praised, so that Jester could play extensively all over Italy both in small clubs and large festivals, both on the beach and over the hills, even in private parties, meanwhile collecting a series of opening gigs with high-profile international artists such as Hugo Race, Duke Garwood, Geoff Farina, Shannon Wright and Sandro Perri, as well as top-notch italian indie acts The Niro, Moltheni, Diaframma, Bud Spencer Blues Explosion and many more, also often sharing the stage with fellow artists Stella Burns and The 59ers.


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Anne ten Donkelaar
/ 1979
Graduated in 2007 at the ‘Utrecht school of The Art’ (NL) direction “3D Product Design”
A damaged butterfly, a broken twig, a bumblebee, some strangely grown weeds: I find all these unique discoveries in my path and then take them home to my studio. Here, I take my time to explore the objects and try to work out how I can show each one to it’s best advantage. My finds inspire me. While looking at them I can invent my own stories about their existence and their lives. 
By protecting these precious pieces under glass, I give the objects a second life and hope to inspire people to make up their own stories about them.

+31 6 42 14 64 10
Utrecht, The Netherlands
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