Music* Spiritualized – Do It All Over Again / Photography* Mike Dempsey – Gravity

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Do It All Over Again, written by J Spaceman, from Let It Come Down studio album, Arista Records, 2001.

Spiritualized are an English space rock band formed in 1990 in Rugby, Warwickshire by Jason Pierce (often known as J. Spaceman), formerly of Spacemen 3. The membership of Spiritualized has changed from album to album, with Pierce—who writes, composes and sings all of the band’s material—being the only constant member.
Spiritualized have released seven studio albums. The best known and most critically acclaimed of these is perhaps 1997’s Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, which NME magazine named as their Album of the Year.

Mike Dempsey
Mike Dempsey The Passenger Times 03

Mike Dempsey

Los Angeles, CA


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