Music* Patrick Wolf – Wind in the Wires / Photography* Katarzyna Parejko – Rose

Music & Visions selected by Anna Lisa DM

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“Wind in the Wires” is the title track and second single from English singer-songwriter Patrick Wolf’s second album (2005). The single was released on CD and limited 2000 vinyl.

artwork by Ingrid Z and drawings by Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf (born Patrick Denis Apps, 30 June 1983) is an English singer-songwriter from South London. Patrick uses a wide variety of instruments (piano, keyboards, guitar, bass guitar, synthesiser, ukulele, mandolin, zither, dulcimer, viola, violin, accordion) in his music, most commonly the ukulele, piano, and viola. He is known for combining electronic sampling with classical instruments. Wolf’s styles range from electronic pop to Baroque chamber music. Patrick Wolf was born in St Thomas’ Hospital, South London. He attended King’s College School and Bedales School.

Katarzyna Parejko
Wrocław, Poland
Katarzyna Parejko (born 1991) is a photography student at the Łódź Film School (Poland). Her works have been shown in New York (Video Art and Experimetal Film Festival), China, Japan (Nikon Photo Contest), Madrid (Video Art festival) and also at Photography Festival in Copenhagen. Her interests in art border on the edge of different medias.
freelance photographer / videomaker / director
2010 – 2015 photography student at Łódź Film School
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