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This music piece is part of the weekly  podcast by MassimoDi Roma, publish today by (The Original)


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podcast by MassimoDi Roma, publish today by (The Original)

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Spectre Folk
Even before he teamed with Elisa Ambrogio and Leah Quimby to form the Magik Markers in 2001, Brooklyn’s Pete Nolan was making dreamy lo-fi music under the Spectre Folk alias. However, his meandering home recordings didn’t really start taking shape until much later, when drummer Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) and guitarist Peter Meehan (the Grey Lady) signed on as Nolan’s live band. After a surplus of limited releases on tapes, CD-Rs, and vinyl — including a Woodsist LP titled The Blackest Medicine in 2007 — Spectre Folk put out 2009’s Compass, Blanket, Lantern, Mojo for Arbitrary Signs, and slated a follow-up Woodsist EP, titled The Blackest Medicine, Vol. 2, for 2011.


Slava Thisset
“Hello, My Name is Slava Semeniuta.
I am an artist and photographer. 
I was born in Siberia, the Russian Federation but nearly all my life I have lived in Minsk, Belarus.
Recently, I live in Sochi, Russia, the sea and the mountains.

I love everything that looks cosmic. 
Neon colors are colors that are rarely found in nature.
In the oceans live deepwater creatures that have the property to fluorescence. 
In cosmos, there are ultraviolet radiation rays which are only visible neon colors. 
I like to think that in the cosmos there are many planets where the whole 
world is fluorescent, mountains, trees, clouds, seas. 
These colours seem to me very mysterious and magical fact.

I always liked to draw. As a child I drew dinosaurs, space, insects and underwater creatures. 
As a child, I was interested in science fiction and documentary.
I read Clifford Simak and Larry Niven and National Geographic magazine.
In magazines, I saw a lot of incredible places on our planet, which were very nicely photographed.
I wanted to travel and see all the places that are seen in a magazine and photograph new fantastic places. 
When I bought my first camera I was photographing insects, nature and my city. 
Now I often use body painting and Digital Art. I photograph my models turning them into cosmic creatures.
I love to take pictures and shoot video macro. I very like unusual places in the city. 
I like minimalism. I take pictures of the sky, plants, sea, road, shadows of different objects,
reflections in the water and the windows of shops and houses. I am inspired by everything around me.”

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