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Poor Boy, from Keep Your Cool and Read the Rules album, released: 1985, Label: Pink Dust/Enigma.
Plan 9
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Mike Brodie
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Born 1985 in Arizona, Mike Brodie first began photographing in 2004 when he was given a Polaroid camera. Working under the moniker, The Polaroid Kidd, Brodie spent the next four years circumambulating the U.S. amassing an archive of photographs that would go on to make up one of the few, true collections of American travel photography. Having never undergone any formal training, he chose to remained untethered to the pressures and expectations of the art market.
Brodie compulsively documented his explorations and as suddenly as he began making photographs, he left the medium behind.
In 2008, Brodie received the Baum Award for American Emerging Artists. In 2013, his book, A Period of Juvenile Prosperity published by Twin Palms was released, followed by numerous gallery shows. It is currently in it’s third printing.
His follow up book, Tones of Dirt and Bone was released in early 2015 with shows in New York and Los Angeles planned for Spring 2015. Brodie recently graduated from the Nashville Auto Diesel College (NADC) and is now working as a mobile diesel mechanic in his silver ’93 Dodge Ram. He currently lives in West Oakland, California, with his wife Celeste.
Although he has stopped making photographs, the body of work he made in five short intense years has left an enduring impact on the photo world.

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