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Pretty face, from We sink album, Morr Music.
“A beat is laid out, hesitantly moving along at first, then careering, taking off; soon sepia-toned clouds of piano gather overhead, shimmering, turning darker and richer, and then Sóley raises her voice – a voice that, until five years ago, she didn’t even consider a proper “singing voice”. It’s true: the bespectacled multi-instrumentalist from Iceland, now in her mid-twenties, had been around the world and back with her band, Seabear, when she finally discovered her own vocal skills. Even though Sóley Stefánsdóttir sings non-stop in private, creating a musical backdrop to pretty much everything she does, it just took her a while to get used to the sound of her own voice. We all know this, don’t we?”
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Brandy Eve Allen
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Brandy Eve Allen is an artist based in Los Angeles, CA.
She photographs exclusively with film without any digital modification.
“There’s a sense of surrender, but not in a losing sense, one who surrenders to themselves and gives up on apologies.”
Solo Exhibitions:
2015 Ontario, CA Ontario International Airport Exhibit courtesy of The City of Los Angeles and BardoLA
Group Exhibitions:
2016 Berlin, Germany “Freer in Berlin” Curated by Girls – Blender & Co.
2015 Venice, Italy We Must Risk Delight: 20 Artists From LA curated by BardoLA – 56th Venice Biennale
2015 Los Angeles, CA Fabrik Magazine Booth – PHOTO LA
2014-2015 Santa Monica, CA Incognito – Santa Monica Museum
Awards & Projects:
2016 INVISIBLE LIGHT Tarot Deck – Limited Edition photographic collection in the form of a tarot deck, self-published.
2014 CIAO L.A. – Limited Edition Artist Book. Published by Paolo Tonin Arte Contemporanea


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