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Micaela Lattanzio was born in Rome in 1981, where she actually lives and works. She attended the Academy of fine Arts in Rome, graduating in 2005 with a thesis focus on the journey anthropology published in collaboration with the University of Havana. She uses different materials to realize her works as paper, aluminium, PVC and they born from a detailed manual photo or painting cropping made by her plots, which she breaks down into small pieces of different form, getting an intricate mosaic through which she deconstructs the image that later reassembles, giving to faces, bodies and natural elements a new logical visual that follows an incredible creative patterns.

“In her aesthetic and conceptual characteristics Micaela Lattanzio composed an unpublished vocabulary, she de-structures the real in order to explore a narrative dimension that goes beyond the epidermis, a research focused on people the authenticity of our bodies where form and concept come together into a work that no longer belongs to a unit of social identification, but that is the principle of an “infinite nuclear fission”.

Among the various exhibitions in which she participated, it needs to include the following projects: Iron Symbols at MUSPAC, Global Footprint at Barruchello Foundation in Rome, Primary Dimensions hosted by the American Academy in Madrid, 10X10 Artist at Bonte Zwaan design centre in Amsterdam. In 2014 she won the special jury prize Zingarelli titled “Silent Stories”. The site-specific installations are another artist’s expressive dimension, her permanent projects are exposed at Maam, the Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere of Metropoliz, at the Royal Caribbean collection, that includes six installations, and in the city of Poznan where there is a public intervention. On November 2016, the artist has exhibited her latest works at the Miami Context Art Fair, side-event of Art Basel.

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