Romy Blümel

heckenschere – fence


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R O M Y is an Illustrator living in Berlin, Germany. She graduated with a degree in Design&Illustration from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in 2008.

Since then her work has been employed by a broad list of clients for newspapers, magazines, books, advertising and cultural events. Her original paintings travelled to group shows in Shanghai, Seoul, Budapest, Paris, London and Antwerp.

Romy is a member of the female artist collective ‘Spring’ founded in 2004 in Hamburg. Together they publish a new monothematic issue once a year of the same-named ´Spring Magazine´ an anthology of comics, illustration and free drawing, realised using a wide variety of visual narrative techniques.

C L I E N T S include The New Yorker, International Herald Tribune, Die Zeit, Sotheby’s, Eurostar, The Times, World of Interiors, Cicero, Neon, Random House, Global Blue, The New York Times, The Telegraph ‘ST’ Style Magazine, L.A.Magazine, Weleda, Little Brown, Der Freitag, Ultra Travel, Browns Alumni, Condé Nast Traveller, O2, Financial Times, TUI Cruises, Duncan Baird Publishers, Architectural Review, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Hohe Luft and DesignHotels.Com amongst others.

I M P R I N T Copyright: Romy Blümel
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