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Marina Font was born in Argentina in 1970. She studied design at the Martin Malharro School of Visual Arts, Mar del Plata, Argentina. In 1998 she studied Photography at the Speos Ecole de la Photographie in Paris and earned a MFA in Photography from Barry University, Miami in 2009. Since then she has exhibited extensively at galleries, museums and cultural institution in the US and abroad. Her work is present in various public collections such as the MDC Museum of Art+Design, Miami, the Boca Ratom Museum of Art, the LOWE Art Museum at The University of Miami, FoLA, Fototeca Latinoamericana, Buenos Aires, Argentina, The Bunnen collection in Atlanta, the Girls’ Club collection in Fort Lauderdale and various private collections throughout the world. Her photo-based work explores ideas about identity, gender, territory, language, memoryand the forces of the unconscious.
She currently lives and works in Miami Beach.

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3406 garden avenue, miami beach, fl 33140

2620 NW 2 AVENUE, MIAMI, FL 33127 | 786.486.7248 |

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