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Bloom Face

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Meet BLOOM FACE by Miss Aniela, a giant photograph showcasing a visual tapestry of art history. English landscapes, Flemish still lifes, battle scenes and sporting subjects collide in one surrealistic remix, interwoven with animals, insects, cherubs and flowers.

This one piece took 6 months in the making, digitally collaging hundreds of classical paintings upon a face as the ‘canvas’ in Photoshop.

This is Miss Aniela’s follow up to ‘Kai Face’ with hundreds of ancient Chinese paintings on a face for a large-scale piece for Kai Mayfair, London. For BLOOM FACE, Miss Aniela wanted to create a new flavour with a European edge, including Thomas Gainsborough, Peter Paul Rubens, Angelica Kauffman, Anthony Van Dyck, Jan Van Kessel, Alexandre Desportes and many more.

Lose yourself in exploring the hidden details. Find skulls, butterflies, a golden key… a swan with human arms, a canary in a jacket, a horse rider saddled on a petal.

This video shows the vast scale of its size, which will always be best experienced ‘in the flesh’ as a print.
Be one of the few to own Bloom Face, available only as a limited edition. Both available on Saatchi.

Model Natasha Estdale
Makeup & hair Grace Gray
Shot with a Nikon D810 & broncolor
Music ‘Killers’ by Kevin MacLeod
XL edition of 10
w1527mm x h2000mm + 80mm border.
Large ed of 10
w764mm x h1000mm + 40mm border.

To buy as a framed piece ready to hang, contact the artist.
For all enquiries please email:

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