Oleg Dou

Heaven in my Body

Narcissus in Love, 2014

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“Being electrocuted when I was two years old is the first thing I remeber.”

“I like having a tradition and seeing how it can work with modern material, how I can translate into new ideas.”

“Want to concoct a situation that happens, for example, in european films: there doesn’t seem to be a specific message, but the situation plays with our head and makes us ask ourselves questions like ‘what is this’ and ‘what is this for?'”

“I find it extremely important to do what I do “beautiful”; not for beauty itself, per se, but more so as a tool that makes my ideas both interesting and workable.”.

“I am looking for something bordering between the beautiful and the repulsive, living and dead.  I want to attain the feeling of presence one can get when walking by a plastic manikin…”

inspiration continues here


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