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Music & Visions – selected by clanMC

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Colin Newman
Wire’s front-man, rhythm guitarist and tunesmith.
Graham Lewis
Wire’s bass guitarist and main lyricist.
Robert Grey
>Wire’s drummer, known for his minimal, metronomic style.
Matthew Simms
Wire’s guitarist, whose approach is based purely on sound.
Bruce Gilbert
>Wire’s one-time guitarist, sometimes songwriter and lyricist.clanmc42017

Caryn Drexl
“I’m Caryn, in my mid-30’s, and (finally!) an escapee of my native Florida, now happily living in the foothills of Western North Carolina. This is working out much better for me because I don’t really do heat, I think flat land is boring, and the sun annoys me. I live here with my puppy and my cat and my best friend / platonic life partner, B. Generally i’d describe myself as pretty boring. My ideal evening (or day, who am I kidding) would involve being on the couch in my pajamas with my favorite people, watching some ridiculous movie or tv show and drinking coffee. While my images might illicit a specific image of the type of person I am, I’m actually pretty bubbly and light-hearted. Goofy even. I’m always trying to make people laugh. So, don’t judge a photographer by their images. (But, ok, I do like skulls and some other things people would label as creepy. I have layers.).”…more


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