Music* Valentina Valeri & Band – Here I am / Photogrpahy* Nicoletta Lolli -Visions of your sound

Valentina Valeri & Band

Valentina Valeri born in Rome (February 1985) started singing at age 17, playing around various clubs and pubs , but her love and passion for music and singing came out long before.
She faced different musical dimensions, acoustic live performances with personal interpretation of songs of some bands and artists she loved best, and original music experiences.
For a while she approached to blues music, taking part in one edition of the “Torre Alfina Blues Festival, and joined a gospel choir, getting out of Rome’s borders…but It’s not her way, for in the meanwhile Valentina keeps on writing her own songs.

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Lostunes records


Nicoletta Lolli

I’am a PasseNger (Times) – To the stanch Dust
We safe commit thee—
Tongue if it hath,
Inviolate to thee—
And Sanctity—enforce thee—
Passenger—of Infinity—



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