Music* Soap & Skin – Thanatos / Photography* Josephine Jo Cardin – Imprisoned By Dark

Music & Visions – selected by Anna Lisa DM

“He who fears he shall suffer, already suffers what he fears.”
~Michel de Montaigne

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Soap&Skin is the experimental musical project of Austrian artist Anja Plaschg.
Thanatos- Lovetune for Vacuum – april, 2009 – Couch Records, PIAS Recordings – producer Anja Plaschg.  
Offical siteannalisa-11-2016

Josephine Cardin
“Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Josephine Cardin is a fine arts photographer who grew up in South Florida, and is now living and working in Rochester, NY.
Presently, Cardin has been developing her contemporary figurative work, inspired by music, dance, and the human themes of loneliness, isolation, fear, and transformation. Cardin works primarily in self-portraiture to illustrate scenes that bewitch and explore our human sensibilities through abstract stories with a visual dialogue between the subject and the artist created through harmonic gestures and magnetic artistry.”…more


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