Music* Colin Newman – Alone / Photography* Alex Gertschen and Felix Meier – Behind

Music & Visions – selected by clanMC

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Alone, with too much generosity
A theatre mask of hostility attracts
Assaults occur, infrequently
And those who come, to conquer?
Need strength
But damage accumulates
Still moving him to tears
Retained a sense of humour

Colin Newman
born 16 September 1954) is an English musician, record producer and record label owner. He is best known as the primary vocalist and songwriter for the post-punk band Wire…more

 Alex Gertschen and Felix Meierclanmc-112016
“Characteristic for our work is the staging prior to our actual shooting. Based on diverse objects and materials we are crafting backdrops for the pictures, creating imaginative, often somewhat absurd and surreal worlds. It is our conscious decision to build sceneries in real terms and not on a computer screen. Thanks to these multi textured backgrounds, the pictures never give the impression of being artificial but rather radiate with their immediacy.“…more
“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” c.g. jung We imitate, play socially coined roles. The more polished the act the less we mistrust the actor. We want to be and see the perfect lie. Independence seems to be important at first but the role changes the circumstances. Faces turn into masks. We are born as individuals, unique. We grow and slip into our different roles. Some are performed with fantasy and virtuosity some are simply one dimensional, some inept. Role behaviour can exclude and confine. Yet how free are we in choosing our roles? Is it education leading our way, is it genes?


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