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Franklin Obregon is a young photographer with an idée fixe, the French expression for “obsession,” but meaning, most literally a fixed idea, one that persists, that cannot be shrugged off. And the expression is particularly apt, because Obregon’s idea, his obsession is the fixing of the ephemeral — to freeze a moment in time, and to give tangible form to what is essentially impossible to hold. His work is largely autobiographical, documentary-style series of film shots organized into what he calls “journals” in which he provides the viewer a glimpse into his private life and that of his friends. The popularity of his work has to do with the aesthetic quality of his photographs and the subject matter which often tantalizes and/or provides glimpses of exquisite beauty found in the most unexpected places. Recently I sat down with Franklin to discuss the motivation behind his work, how he works, as well as the larger issues of memory, voyeurism, and identity.

source and more on “Future gets tense” by Pas un Autre


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